How to Boost Your Direct Mail Campaign Response Rate

The art of sending a letter through the post is being forgotten as the dominance of the Internet continues to grow. But from a recipient’s point of view, there are few more exciting sights in the morning than a perfectly presented letter with their name on it. Although not cheap, and relatively labour intensive, direct … Read more

What Stationers features Ace Envelopes

ACE Envelopes has just been featured on the leading blog for the stationery industry – ‘What Stationers.’ The site is packed with news and reviews, from print industry products and suppliers. In July’s postings, the site has featured an article titled “Ace Envelopes – A world of envelopes.”

The Secret Language of Stamp Placement – Victorian traditions in the UK

We live in an age where communication is simply a matter of typing a few lines of text and hitting the ‘send’ button. It doesn’t matter where we are in the world, we can send our loved ones a few  loving words whenever we want – in the knowledge that they will be received within … Read more

“The Uniqueness of Printed Envelopes” featured on Card

Card recently published an article authored by ACE Envelopes, which describes the array of differences within printed envelopes. To read the article, please click on the following link: “The Uniqueness of Printed Envelopes” featured on Card

ACE Envelopes featured on the ‘Going Abroad’ website

ACE Envelopes was recently featured on a leading travelling abroad website called The article was titled “The A to Z of Ways to Send Letters and Parcels in the UK” and was written to appeal to people travelling abroad who wanted to send back letters, parcels, gifts and such like.

The Envelope Works installs 2 NEW machines – including a Halm EM5000 four-back-one Perfector

Earlier this week, Earby-based envelope over-print specialist, The Envelope Works, was very proud to take delivery of 2 new New Halm (July 2014)machines.

The first was a Halm EM5000 four-back-one Perfector, and the second was Halm ‘wide’ 2 colour press.

In total, this now provides The Envelope Works with 4 x four colour presses and 10 x two colour presses.

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ACE envelopes becomes part of The Envelope Works Group

On August 16th 2013 The Envelope Works Ltd successfully completed the take-over of ACE envelopes, adding this highly successful organisation to its increasing group of companies. After almost 20years of running ACE envelopes Michael Rubenstein, 79, has taken the decision to retire: “The business is performing as strongly as ever, so it never even entered … Read more