Royal Mail guidance on-hand at The Envelope Works Ltd

Client awareness of Royal Mail Regulations is Hit and Miss

Royal Mail has announced further changes to postage rates, sizes and weights, making the successful execution of even the simplest direct mail campaigns a headache for even the most experienced print or marketing professional.

With an increasing number of companies turning back to direct mail to create an innovative and meaningful client connection, plus escape the increasing clutter of email marketing, the changes have come at an unwelcome time.

Envelope, print and mail specialist, The Envelope Works, has re-structured their team to guide companies with this issue with Stuart Farrimond becoming our in-house Royal Mail advisor, as Managing Director Mark Farrimond explains:

“The number of times Clients express to me that they were just left on hold or passed from one department to another – I can only imagine how frustrating that must be.

We’re not talking about Clients who don’t execute mailings on a regular basis – these are all experienced companies.

Yet, the current changes are baffling people, it appears that the complexity of understanding the regulations, in their entirety, is the bit that is particularly confusing.

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